Our history

Giulio Guido, a native of Salento, director of the Orthopedic Clinic of Pisa, closes the doors of his clinic after half a century of activity and gives life to his dream: to bring a small corner of Salento to his beloved adoptive city, Pisa. Prof. Guido’s vision is to offer and share products made with the same passion of the past, characterized by tradition, manual skill and ancient flavors that evoke memories of his land and his family.

And it is thanks to the work of the whole family and the fortuitous meeting in Gallipoli in 2016 with the master cheese maker, that a project is born that brings the treasure and secrets of Salento cheese-making to the heart of the city. 
Friscu, which in Salento dialect means “fresh”, represents a new concept of dairy, where the processing of raw material, the production and the consumption of freshly made dairy products are concentrated in a single space.