Our Laboratory

Our on-site laboratory allows you to directly witness the production of all the cheeses. A real urban dairy, where the work, exclusively artisanal and without the aid of machinery, is entrusted to the experience and skill of specialized cheesemakers, who respect the ancient Apulian tradition ensuring high quality products. Splint and tub, boiling water and salt, experience and accuracy of gestures in the production of the dairyman, are the only elements that characterize the Friscu production.

Every morning at dawn our van transports fresh milk from nearby farms to the dairy. Here our cheesemakers provide the production of the curd, that is the base for the production of pasta filata cheeses such as mozzarella, stracciatella, burrate, scamorze and caciocavalli. The curd is crushed and deposited on a steel bench, to then be collected in a tub with boiling water and spun afterwards with the stick. Production serum is collected in special vats for the production of ricotta.

The use of a raw material of excellence, such as high quality or organic milk processed a few hours after milking, coming from selected farms very close to our laboratory, ensures the production of very fresh cheeses rich in ancient flavors, guaranteeing a true Km 0 concept of sustainability and respect for nature.