From Tuesday to Saturday, until 2.00 pm, our small bistro workshop offers you the best of the Apulian gastronomic tradition even for lunch.
Come and discover our mouth-watering dishes and rich cutting boards, freshly prepared with cheeses produced in the exposed laboratory, accompanied by a selection of strictly artisanal food and wine excellences, to guarantee those values of authenticity, fidelity to the traditions and simplicity that inspire our work every day.

Book your table at +39 050 5201055 or on The Fork!
Remember that with Deliveroo you can also choose to enjoy your made-in-Friscu lunch break at home or in the office.



Every afternoon, from Tuesday to Saturday, until 9.00 pm, at Friscu it’s Apericheese time!
A taste of our tastiest fresh products, accompanied by the best wine of the Apulian tradition. For a relaxing break after work or a toast in company, in our small bistro you will always find a different proposal to tease your palate and end the day in the best way.

Book your table at +39 050 5201055 or on The Fork!