A small bistrot laboratory, dedicated to dairy products in the heart of Pisa. 
An elegant and informal spot, where you can taste fresh burrata and mozzarella and many other types of cheese, handcrafted in our exposed laboratory.

All Friscu products are made with high quality milk from selected farms a few kilometers from our laboratory.  A new concept, combining Apulian tradition and authenticity at Km 0, respecting sustainability and ancient natural flavors.


Events and tastings

Live personally or give a unique and original experience from Friscu!

Home delivery

Call us to book your favorite products to taste at home!


For a tasty aperitif, book your table The Fork or at +39 050 5201055

Freshness &

We prepare our cheeses only with milk from carefully selected farms and very close to our dairy, to give you the taste and genuineness of the best artisan dairy tradition.

From the manufacturer
to the consumer

With no intermediate step, our products are ready on you table right after their making. Our short supply chain allow us to guarantee only the best of the italian dairy tradition, thanks to a complete control over the entire production process.


Friscu’s artisan cheeses are an excellent source of protein and calcium. We carefully select high quality raw materials, to be sure to bring to your table healthy and natural products with a unique flavor.